Why choose STELOR?

The president, Stefano Lorenzetto, moved from Venice, Italy to Indianapolis in 2004 with the goal of owning and running his own business. Continuing in the tradition of his father who remodeled historic buildings in Italy, we provide construction services in the USA. We provide our customers the high quality craftsmanship with attention of detail and superior design. STELOR invests a considerable amount of time to study and test materials. We are always striving to find new technology for improving quality in our customer homes. We also have experience and work within the industrial sector and understand the process of production of those materials. During the old days, construction was simple and basic. Today, the materials used are more complex and there are many more options. Imagine how many materials are in your current home. This is why homeowners need a resource for those materials. We deliver a good quality product with excellent craftsmanship. Our goal is to improve your building and make it a place you are proud to call home.